Lakers Year 2015 Version

Well it’s been 3 years since I’ve written. That’s what happens when the Lakers start losing. How can an emotional Laker fan like me write something Lakers when they keep on losing?

So how’s the state of my Lakers these days? Well…

  • Kobe needs to retire sooner coz he’s messing up whatever chemistry’s left on this team.
  • We need to be patient with D’Angelo Russel. At best, he could be the next Stephen Curry. At worst? Dell Curry? Haha, I actually don’t know.
  • Byron Scott needs to go. This team, though young, is a good team. Byron is just not making this team play to its potential. Or maybe he’s playing Kobe Bryant too much?

That’s all for now while I suffer from Laker mediocrity.

Lakers’ Offseason Moves in 2012

The Los Angeles Lakers are now listed at 8-to-1 (from 12-to-1) to win the NBA championship at the LVH.  This improvement was caused by the sign-and-trade deal sending two-time MVP Steve Nash from the Phoenix Suns to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The defending NBA champion Miami Heat is still the favorite to win it all at 9-to-4.  Trailing them is the Oklahoma City Thunder, losers in the 2012 Finals, at 11-to-4. The San Antonio Spurs were 7-to-1 before the Nash trade but are now listed at 10-to-1. Read More

NBA 2011 – 2012 Season Begins

Following the prolonged lockout and the cancellation of a number of games, the NBA is off and running now, and so far it’s been a fantastic season.  This season, a number of younger and newer teams are stealing headlines, where stalwarts like the Celtics and Mavericks are struggling a bit. This is good news for a lot of fans, but a bit rough on some veteran teams. The most notable among these struggling stalwarts? Probably the Los Angeles Lakers, who have failed to get off to a very hot start.  Read More

NBA Playoffs 2011: End of a Lakers Era

Well, that sucked.

The Lakers were unceremoniously swept by the team they owned for years, the Dallas Mavericks.  I guess Bill Simmons’ jinx ritual worked after all.  (Although, his beloved Boston Celtics were still booted out by the evil Miami Heat.)

On a side note, This Bill Simmons guy is an idiot for his subtle dig at Phil Jackson.  If you read that article, in general, it will look like he praises Phil Jackson.  But then, he makes a silent stab: Read More