Jordan: Kobe is better than Lebron

“Who’s the best player between Kobe or Lebron? Kobe is.”, so says arguably the best player to ever play basketball.  Just to be sure, that player is Michael Jordan. Allegedly, this statement was made over the weekend.

Of course, I agree with Jordan, but did he say this because he felt threatened that Lebron will overtake his 6 titles?

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Kobe Bryant skips practice because of armed robbery

14th Annual GQ Men Of The Year Party - Arrivals

No, he wasn’t the armed robber.

According to TMZ, five gunmen broke into a home near Kobe’s residence.  They roughed up the residents and tried to rob them.  Someone from the backyard called 911 and the police arrested three of the gunmen but are still chasing the other two.

The police authorized an automated phone system to call and warn every home in the neighborhood about the two armed men.

That’s the only way to defend Kobe Bryant, people – don’t allow him to come to a practice or a game.  Unfortunately for the Utah Jazz, which the Lakers play tonight, Kobe will play.

Kobe Bryant’s Basketball IQ and Ron Artest’s Odd Halftime Ritual

A poll among coaches and players determined that Kobe Bryant has the highest basketball IQ among active players.  Speaking of Kobe Bryant, he (among other athletes) wore red laces (that looked orange) for the Lakers‘ game against the Hornets last Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Ron Artest claims he drank Hennessy at halftime during his Bull days.  Chicago Bulls, that is.