NBA 2009 Playoff Series Recap: Lakers vs Jazz

That almost was a sweep, wasn’t it?

The Los Angeles Lakers won the series 4- 1 and I’m happy about it.  I’m not estatic, but I’m happy.  As they say, a win is a win, no matter how ugly.

A lot of sports writers say that the Lakers were, sort of, sleepwalking through this series.  That they should’ve won game 3 and that they shouldn’t have blown 22-point leads.

My take is this: Utah’s rallies is a testament to their team’s resilience and not necessarily because of the Lakers‘ flaws.  This Utah Jazz has a legitimate leader in Deron Williams and you just don’t dismiss them like the Lakers should’ve blown this team away like peanuts. Read More

NBA 2009 Playoffs: Lakers vs Jazz

The real season begins.

First seed, Los Angeles Lakers, takes on eighth seed, Utah Jazz.

Last season, Los Angeles defeated Utah in 6 games.  That was when Trevor Ariza was not playing, having a broken foot just recently healed and Andrew Bynum was out for the entire playoffs.

This time around, the Lakers are complete although I still think Andrew Bynum is playing injured… and Utah doesn’t have Mehmet Okur at least for the first game. Read More