nike-dream-season-kobeThe Nike Dream Season – Kobe Bryant looks like the Hyperdunk/Kobe IV Fusion that Kobe was wearing prior to the debut of the Kobe IV.

The Nike Dream Season – Kobe Bryant is something like a higher cut of the Kobe IV.

Allegedly, the Flyewire and Lunar Foam technology was omitted but it has a Phylon midsole and an air unit in the heel.

The Nike Dream Season – Kobe Bryant will premier in the traditional L.A. Laker white/purple/gold colorway, with a white/black/red colorway rumored to follow soon after. Each sneaker is adorned with a thorn-like pattern and Kobe’s signature on the tongue and heel.

The Nike Dream Season – Kobe Bryant will be available in fall.

5 thoughts on “The Nike Dream Season – Kobe Bryant, Yet Another Kobe Shoe

  1. Athlete acting has ipreovmd over the last few years though. I remember when I was a kid we all used to pull our shirts up and shout “Au reviour!” before missing the goal by miles, but looking at it again it was baaaaaaaaaad. The Kobe thing is full of the kind of front only black superstars can pull off, but he does it well. And I like the “do not try this at home” mandatory bit at the end too. The fact they admit it could be a fake is also a step forward from agencies producing stuff that is obviously fake, then claiming it isn’t for years after. Good to see Nike not treating their audience like total morons.And I’ll get on the blower with Pot Noodle right away. I’m thinking Ricky from East Enders getting hit trying to jump a Bedford Rascal. Anyone top that?

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