I think Kevin Garnett‘s taunting is classless.  I bet he doesn’t taunt like that when he was losing in Minnesota.  Having said that, I like how Jose Calderon fought back – now, that was class to the highest degree.

I like this piece about the Lakers response to physical play. Having said that, I don’t know why almost everybody is jumping on the Lakers bandwagon.  They’re good, yes, but they still haven’t had a lot of road games and still haven’t played a top caliber team (with complete significant players) like the Celtics, Hornets, Pistons and let’s put in the Suns.  About twenty more games, and we’ll see.

I don’t blame them though.  On paper, the Lakers are a beast and sports betting people love them.  They should dominate the regular season.  In the playoffs, though, physical and mental toughness is up a whole new level.  I guess in the playoffs, it doesn’t matter which seed you are.  Everybody is capable of pulling an upset, just ask the 1999 New York Knicks.

Can’t you tell I’m doing a reverse jinx? Damn you Bill Simmons!

8 thoughts on “Kevin Garnett’s Taunting & the Lakers Bandwagon

  1. After Xmas we’ll know exactly where the Lamer’s stand. This team is tough in the early going, but when they play teams with big men that will get in Gasol and Bynums face, they will pee in their short shorts(lol wtf were they thinking last year?). anyways the only guy on the team with Stones is Kobe. And thats not a great sign, considering he got lumped by Chris Childs. LMAO lakers suck fat ones

  2. Write more about Garnett’s taunting. I’m surprised that nothing about it is coming out. He should at least be fined for his actions. It definitely is classless of him and of the NBA. Because of what he did, I’m starting a “No to KG for the All-Star” campaign. Spread the word. 🙂

    Dikembe Mutombo’s finger wagging was deemed to be taunting and that was probably the only excitement he could contribute.

  3. @Otan – “No to KG for the All-Star” campaign? Hehe. That’ll be a long shot especially since a lot of people have jumped into the Celtic bandwagon since their recent triumph.

    Anything that will “silence” KG, I’m in.

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