The Los Angeles Lakers are now listed at 8-to-1 (from 12-to-1) to win the NBA championship at the LVH.  This improvement was caused by the sign-and-trade deal sending two-time MVP Steve Nash from the Phoenix Suns to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The defending NBA champion Miami Heat is still the favorite to win it all at 9-to-4.  Trailing them is the Oklahoma City Thunder, losers in the 2012 Finals, at 11-to-4. The San Antonio Spurs were 7-to-1 before the Nash trade but are now listed at 10-to-1.  I’m a long time Laker fan but if I were a betting man, I would still bet on the Miami Heat to defend their title.  Speaking of bets, I would browse for sports betting sites here.

Look for the Lakers’ odds to improve if the rumor of a Dwight Howard becomes reality.  Allegedly, teams involved in this version of the trade are the Magic, Rockets and the Lakers. In this deal, Andrew Bynum will be sent to the Rockets, Howard to the Lakers and a number of first-round picks, prospects and significant cap relief to the Magic.

3 thoughts on “Lakers’ Offseason Moves in 2012

  1. i wuld love this deal to cme to reality. dwight howard in lakers? that will be a championship team. i would love to see how Kobe, Nash, Jamison, Gasol, and Howard (if he landed in lakers) work together as a team. theyre definitely the only team to beat miami’s fist 5. and besides, one person cannot take the whole team up, teamwork is always the way to overcome another team. so i really want to see Howard in lakers.

  2. . While he definitely does go ooarbverd sometimes with his number of shots and the iso plays, credit needs to be given to Kobe for how he’s grown as a teammate/leader over the years. He’s not the impeteous 20-something he once was, nor the arrogant ball-hog he gets labelled as. Should he rely on Pau and Drew more? Absolutely! But he’s also right that Drew needs to fall in line. Drew can contribute something to the team that neither Kobe nor Pau can: being a defensive monster in the paint. There are already a number of guys in Kobe, Pau and Lamar who can score, but Drew is the only guy who can significantly impact our defense in that way.Besides, I really need to see Drew get through an entire season without (1) getting injured (2) allowing himself to be taken out of the game because he’s not getting enough touches on offense or (3) committing a reckless, dangerous foul and getting suspended, before I’m willing to trust him as a #2 guy.Plus, with Drew at #2, where does that leave Pau? I get that Drew is finally healthy and wants to expand his game, but rather than take a page out of young Kobe’s book, I wish he’d try learning from Lamar: Do what your team needs from your most. That’s how you win championships.

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