A lot of thoughts have been said about the Superfriends in Miami and it has gotten to a point where the topic has become either boring or pathetic or both.  Today, due to lack of any bit of significant NBA news, I decided to read this.  Yes, it’s yet another article about Lebron James joining the Miami Heat to form the dreaded “Superfriends”.

The article writer defends Lebron James’ decision to stop being-the-man-and-win-championships to just plain win-championships.  However, the article misses the whole point.  

One, Lebron was on the verge of winning it all in Cleveland. He was just being impatient.  In two or three years, he would’ve earned his first championship. By then, the Celtics would’ve aged into mediocrity and the Cavaliers would’ve installed a coach that will have guided them over the top.

Two, that Jordan speech was never about bitterness. It was about motivation.

In closing, this is the best comment I’ve ever read regarding the issue (by  corner2424):

The Three best players in the NBA probably should be competing against each other to win titles. They are essentially trying to put the game on Rookie and taking the fatigue off, because it was too hard to win with it on superstar, and most of the critics can clearly see that.

3 thoughts on “Lebron James to Miami Heat Fiasco

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