Lebron James to Miami Heat Fiasco

A lot of thoughts have been said about the Superfriends in Miami and it has gotten to a point where the topic has become either boring or pathetic or both.  Today, due to lack of any bit of significant NBA news, I decided to read this.  Yes, it’s yet another article about Lebron James joining the Miami Heat to form the dreaded “Superfriends”.

The article writer defends Lebron James’ decision to stop being-the-man-and-win-championships to just plain win-championships.  However, the article misses the whole point.   Read More

Jordan: Kobe is better than Lebron

“Who’s the best player between Kobe or Lebron? Kobe is.”, so says arguably the best player to ever play basketball.  Just to be sure, that player is Michael Jordan. Allegedly, this statement was made over the weekend.

Of course, I agree with Jordan, but did he say this because he felt threatened that Lebron will overtake his 6 titles?

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2010 NBA Champions – Los Angeles Lakers

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers for winning the 2010 NBA Finals.

That they won it in a game 7, against the hated Boston Celtics, is even sweeter.  The Truth lied, by the way.  He did go back to Los Angeles, unless… he meant he wasn’t going back to LA as the old Paul Pierce who used to kill the Lakers.

Sorry, I just had to write that to get it out of my system.

Anyways, what now for the Los Angeles Lakers?  How can they three-peat?  If only I can address some of the players one by one.

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