NBA Finals 2009: Magic vs Lakers

Courtney Lee of the Orlando MagicMy prediction is Orlando Magic in 5 games.  Why?

First, in my entire life, I only heard one NBA player thank God.  I’m not saying only one NBA player ever thanked God.  Well, it could happen, but *I* only heard one NBA player thank God.  Yeah, that player is Dwight Howard.  If Howard is grateful to God, how can He not answer his prayers?

Second, the Lakers‘ defensive scheme, the Strong Side Zone plays to the strengths of Orlando’s offense.  With SSZ, you leave shooters open and that’s what Orlando has, a lot of shooters.  Does Phil adjust the defense?  If yes, isn’t it too late in the game for that?

Third, it seems that the Lakers haven’t even reached its peak yet.  It seems it started to hit its peak during games 5 and 6 of the Nuggets series.  However, they “enjoy” a week’s rest after closing out that series.  A bad time to hit your peak, don’t you think?  Even if they haven’t had a week’s rest, don’t you think they hit their peak a tad too late?  Read More

Bynum Back as Backup Center?

Is it me or are the Lakers playing better basketball without Andrew Bynum?

Don’t get me wrong, Andrew is still a beast and having him as a backup center (yes, backup center) certainly raises the chances of the Lakers winning it all this season.

However, watching the Lakers play without Bynum, you can’t help but notice that they play a bit faster and is more agile defensively.  Rebounding is not a problem as Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol more than makes up for it.  What the Laker may miss is the defensive presence of Bynum at the middle.  If he comes back in time, that’s where the Lakers can plug him in. Read More

Andrew Bynum has torn MCL

Andrew Bynum is out 8 to 12 weeks because of torn MCL.  It won’t require surgery and Bynum will rest for 2 weeks before starting rehabilitation of the knee.  This injured knee is not the same knee that Bynum injured last year, which he dislocated against the same Memphis Grizzlies team.

They’re saying 8 to 12 weeks is a conservative estimate of the Lakers.  Last year they said Bynum will be back for the playoffs but he didn’t play and the Lakers lost in the finals.  So, I’m not so sure about this “conservative” estimate.  I think he’ll be out 16 weeks at least.  No, there’s no formula here.  I just added about several weeks to their conservative estimate.

That’s me, I’m a pessimist. Read More

The Memphis Curse

Sports writers failed to document the Memphis Curse that came with the Pau Gasol trade.  A creature told me that, as part of the deal, Andrew Bynum will injure one of his knees every year and it will happen during one of the games against the Memphis Grizzlies.

When the curse struck several hours ago, a collective cheer can be heard from the Massachusetts area.  Heck, a collective cheer can be heard from all of United States except Los Angeles.

Now, the Lakers are back to being mortals again.  So if you’re Phil Jackson, what will you do now? Read More