Kobe Bryant endorses Nubeo watches

kobe-nubeoKobe Bryant will endorse Nubeo, known for its jellyfish-shaped watches.  Nubeo will create a limited-edition line of high-tech sport watches costing between $21,00 and $285,000.

The Black Mamba series will be unveiled this coming at Baselworld, the watch and jewelry show held every year in Basel, Switzerland.  The watch series  will debut in the U.S. this fall.

Nubeo, pronounced new-bay-oh and whose rough translation from Latin, the company says, means “shape of a cloud,” makes about 4,000 watches a year.

Nubeo is making just 1,074 of the Kobe watches with some adorned with sapphires.   Print and TV ads will feature Kobe Bryant.

The photo of a Nubeo watch shown here is NOT one of the Black Mamba series.