Farewell, Chris Mihm

In another move to cut costs, the Los Angeles Lakers have traded Chris Mihm to Memphis Grizzlies for a future (2013) second round pick. A future second round pick? Wow, I really thought the Lakers could have traded Mihm for a banger or a decent shooter.

However, I understand.  It’s the economy, stupid.  I guess that’s the new cliche.  In the words of Johnny Ludden, “This is what qualifies as a smart deal in today’s NBA. Thin your bench, pay another team to take your player, get nothing tangible in return and save your owner enough money to remodel the living room in his waterfront home. ”

Really funny, huh?  Seriously, it’s really funny.  I bet there has to be some truth in that statement.

Chris Mihm, in my opinion, was a solid center until his yearly injuries.  His play improved when he started playing with Kobe Bryant. Read More

The Memphis Curse

Sports writers failed to document the Memphis Curse that came with the Pau Gasol trade.  A creature told me that, as part of the deal, Andrew Bynum will injure one of his knees every year and it will happen during one of the games against the Memphis Grizzlies.

When the curse struck several hours ago, a collective cheer can be heard from the Massachusetts area.  Heck, a collective cheer can be heard from all of United States except Los Angeles.

Now, the Lakers are back to being mortals again.  So if you’re Phil Jackson, what will you do now? Read More

Lakers get mixed injury updates

Mike Bresnahan, LA Times

The Lakers continue to monitor their injured players, receiving positive updates (Chris Mihm), negative ones (Trevor Ariza), and some that are in between (Andrew Bynum).

Bynum is still jogging in a swimming pool and also working out on an elliptical machine, but he has not tested his injured left knee on a treadmill, though that could come next week, a team source said.

The Lakers do not have an updated target date for his return, but Bynum is out until at least early April. He has missed 25 games so far because of a deep bone bruise in the knee and a brief dislocation in the kneecap.

Ariza hoped to get out of a walking boot earlier this week, but the broken bone in his right foot hadn’t healed enough, a reality that Coach Phil Jackson called “a disappointment for us.”

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