Lakers loss to Pacers is good

The Los Angeles Lakersrecent loss to the Pacers is a welcome “development”.  The Lakers needed to know that no matter how good their team is, any NBA team is capable of coming back and winning the game. Note that I said the Lakers are a good team.  You guessed it right, no great team ever lets a mediocre team like the Pacers come back and win the game.

If the Pacers came from behind on this game, the Lakers‘ nemesis, the Boston Celtics, are even more capable.  Flashback of game 5 of the June 2008 NBA Finals is playing through my mind right now.

The Lakers need to understand that a game is not won until the final buzzer sounds. Read More

It Hurts

Unlike Wolverine or Kobe Bryant, I don’t heal (or bounce back) so easily.  I don’t think I can write anything about the Lakers for several weeks.  I need time to lick my wounds.  I think I am more wounded than Lamar Odom.  You may say that Pau Gasol is soft but I saw that he tried.  Odom, on the other hand, I didn’t see him try to be physical.

Alright, I need my own vacation.  I don’t want to talk anything Lakers or NBA right now.