This is how we do it, Lebron

I love Lebron but sometimes he’s just weird.
Like he’s just having too much fun playing basketball (camera / team posing antics before games)
or proclaiming himself the leader of the U.S. National Team.

If you want to win in the NBA, you have to be serious.
Look at Dwight Howard, he was just too funny to win a championship.
Oh, and you have to lead by example too, not just say it.

NBA Finals 2009: Magic vs Lakers

Courtney Lee of the Orlando MagicMy prediction is Orlando Magic in 5 games.  Why?

First, in my entire life, I only heard one NBA player thank God.  I’m not saying only one NBA player ever thanked God.  Well, it could happen, but *I* only heard one NBA player thank God.  Yeah, that player is Dwight Howard.  If Howard is grateful to God, how can He not answer his prayers?

Second, the Lakers‘ defensive scheme, the Strong Side Zone plays to the strengths of Orlando’s offense.  With SSZ, you leave shooters open and that’s what Orlando has, a lot of shooters.  Does Phil adjust the defense?  If yes, isn’t it too late in the game for that?

Third, it seems that the Lakers haven’t even reached its peak yet.  It seems it started to hit its peak during games 5 and 6 of the Nuggets series.  However, they “enjoy” a week’s rest after closing out that series.  A bad time to hit your peak, don’t you think?  Even if they haven’t had a week’s rest, don’t you think they hit their peak a tad too late?  Read More

USA Basketball Conclusion – 2008 Beijing Olympics

Lebron James is the most consistent performer with very efficient stats: 60.2%FG, 3.75APG, 2.38SPG, 5.25RPG, 2.13 TOPG, 15.5PPG, 1BPG, 24.75MPG.

Dwayne Wayde is the most explosive performer and, no doubt, the best sixth man in Olympic basketball. A big strategy of Team USA was to kick the opponents when they were down or catching up. Dwayne was Team USA’s kick. Read More