Lakers Year 2015 Version

Well it’s been 3 years since I’ve written. That’s what happens when the Lakers start losing. How can an emotional Laker fan like me write something Lakers when they keep on losing?

So how’s the state of my Lakers these days? Well…

  • Kobe needs to retire sooner coz he’s messing up whatever chemistry’s left on this team.
  • We need to be patient with D’Angelo Russel. At best, he could be the next Stephen Curry. At worst? Dell Curry? Haha, I actually don’t know.
  • Byron Scott needs to go. This team, though young, is a good team. Byron is just not making this team play to its potential. Or maybe he’s playing Kobe Bryant too much?

That’s all for now while I suffer from Laker mediocrity.

Streak Busters

The Lakers has just earned a moniker: Streak Busters.

First, they halt the Celtics 19-game winning streak.  Then, they stop the Celtics 12-game winning streak, in the Boston Garden no less.

Now, they erase the Cavaliers‘ 23-home game winning streak.

Streak Busters indeed.

Also, think about this: number 23’s home game winning streak stops at 23.  Number 24’s team ended the streak to prevent the Cavs from winning home game number 24.

Numbers. Streak Busters.

Refs hand victory to Spurs over Lakers

Two crucial plays  in the last few seconds were against the Lakers.

First, Derek Fisher gets called for the fould on Roger Mason.  It was a unique play in which Fisher was standing at the back of Mason and Mason jumped backwards while shooting the ball.  Mason created the contact and he got the foul.

Lastly, Trevor Ariza gets bumped/blocked by Manu Ginobili causing Ariza to travel.  Having said that, Ariza should’ve taken the jumper as everybody knows the refs don’t call a foul when it’s in the dying seconds and you drive to the hoop.  Read More

The Lakes are quiet

The Laker front is relatively quiet right now so there’s nothing really for me to talk about.

Reports indicate that Ron-Ron prefers to play for the Lakers but it looks like Kenny Thomas’ contract is a deal breaker. I like Artest’s defensive play but he’s just unpredictable off the court.  Also, like I said, let’s give the triple tower in Bynum, Gasol and Odom a chance of proving itself.

Between Artest and Marion, I would rather have Marion because he has a similar defensive skill, he’s athletic, he has a mid-range jumper and he’s not as unpredictable. Read More

Thoughts for Next Season

Alright, the wounds seems to be finally healing. I think I’m ready to write about the Lakers now.

First things first, the Celtics deserved that trophy. I still believe that the Lakers were the better team skills-wise even without Bynum. Only, the Celtics had the biggest heart. If Bynum, Bryant, Odom and Gasol are not injured in next season’s playoffs, the Lakers will be a beast. OK, I’ll even say they will win the championship.

But enough of stupid boasts/predictions. Let’s talk abou the situation at hand. What do the Lakers need to do to win it all? Trade Odom?! Bring back Kwame?! I think we better keep our emotions in check. Read More