Recap: Lakers vs Blazers

NBA: OCT 28 Blazers at Lakers

So, game one is officially in the books.  The Lakers looked good in trashing the Portland Trailblazers, 96-76.  What does this mean for the Lakers this year?  Absolutely nothing.  Last year, they lost their first game but they eventually went to the NBA finals.

Having said that, the Lakers D seemed good.  Clearly, the length of Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum was the big difference.  When Bynum switched to another man (on defense), Gasol was quick to switch to Bynum’s man – no change in height and length, it looked like there was no switch at all.

Andrew Bynum was not that good offensively.  He made some short jumpers facing the basket and he didn’t make them.  His fadeaway was a welcome sight though.

Kobe was, well, Kobe.  Przybilla, Przybilla, Przybilla, my boy. You play dirty and stupid.  Przybilla gave Kobe Bryant a hard foul and Kobe went on a scoring tear during the time when the Blazers were coming back in the third quarter.

So, how good is Sasha Vujacic now?  He must have improved his shooting because Lamar Odom made a beautiful pass to him even when he was standing in the sidelines – Vujacic was not in the game at that time.

Trevor Ariza was awesome too!  Made defensive plays and shot the three well.  Derek Fisher’s shot seems to be off for a couple of years now.  Time for Jordan Farmar to take the starting spot?  In my opinion, Farmar is now starter material but he’s much more valuable in the second unit of this Lakers squad because of his energy.

Radmanovic was shooting well too… ah what the hell, you get the point, LAKERS RULE!

Lakers 4, Spurs 1

  • Another come-from-behind victory that didn’t look like a come-from-behind. These Lakers are spoiled brats.
  • The Spurs have nothing to worry about. They will still contenders in the next couple of years. Their big three did well enough even though Manu was struggling. (Manu was just injured.) The rest of the team, however, needs to be changed, most notably Horry. He didn’t even get the chance of attacking Kobe out of the playoffs.
  • Sasha’s trey on the buzzer got in the nerves of Finley. Who can blame Sasha? The Spurs played seriously until their very last offensive play. Besides, it’s Sasha for heaven’s sake!
  • Kobe’s endgame (with Pau) was a masterpiece. Pau Gasol should feel lucky he was the one doing the pick (props). Every Laker possession during the last 5 to 7 minutes was either a painting or a chess game. (Guess who’s the painter or the grandmaster?) Kobe was surveying the field. Pau making his slender pick. Kobe attacking. Duncan staying back to defend Kobe. Kobe making each shot. Duncan shaking his head with each Kobe shot.
  • Kobe, the Jaguar, in this game is more appropriate than the Black Mamba. He surveys the field then makes the attack. It’s just a shame that Duncan is the prey. The Jaguar , of course, fell down from a tree that Kenyon Martin shook. Read More

Lakers 3, Spurs 1

  • Let’s start with the controversial non-call. Yes, he was fouled. No, the refs didn’t have to make that call. It’s the playoffs, baby! The refs will let the players decide the game. Besides, there was no chance that Brent Barry could’ve made that shot and he seemed to not want the shot but just fish the foul. He should’ve squared up and take the shot and met Fisher head on.
  • How about the other non-calls and the like? Fisher’s shot grazed the rim, so that means a fresh 14 seconds on the shot clock. Instead, Kobe had to hurry his shot because officially and erroneously there were only 2 seconds left in the shot clock. Read More

Lakers 2, Spurs 1

  • The Los Angeles Lakers definitely lost this game.  Of the big three, only Kobe came to play.  I guess you can’t fault Lamar and Pau for that.  Every game from hereon in (well, after the 1st or 2nd round actually) will be their first time this deep in the playoffs.  I just hope that these 2 bigs learn from their mistakes… quickly.  Yep, San Antonio didn’t win this one.
  • If you look at the boxscore, the stats don’t define the real Lakers.  We can start at the freethrow line (47%) and stop there.  Well, let’s not stop there.  The Spurs dished 22 assists to Lakers’ 13… uncharacteristic. Read More

Lakers 2, Spurs 0

  • Spurs flew home using a New York Knicks plane.  Now, isn’t that ominous? For the Spurs, that is.
  • Phil Jackson didn’t wait for the fourth quarter to double-team Tim.  PJ, I think, is trying to impress me.  Stop it Phil, I already admitted that I made a mistake and that you still are the better coach when pitted against Pop.  Heck, you are still the best coach ever, in my book at least.
  • As expected, Kobe attempted more than 3 attempts.  As expected, Kobe did not hoist a lot of shots.  He was efficient (do I sound like an expert now?).
  • As expected, LO and D-Fish bounced back.  When LO plays like that, the Lakers are unbeatable.
  • Kobe was spectacular with his drive and dish.  Drive and pass to Lamar… to Pau… to Sasha. Read More