Lakers 0, Spurs 0

lal-sas.gifForget about positional breakdown!  I just realized they are useless because a team never wins depending on the teams’ top players in their respective positions.  Team wins based on matchups regardless of positions. For example, a center can guard a forward for the most part of the game.

Lakers Offensive/Spurs Defensive Strategy

The Laker offense is an open secret.  Los Angeles will run the triangle most of the time.  In the second quarter, the bench mob will run, run and run.  If they can’t run, they will set the triangle.  In the fourth quarter’s final minutes, Kobe will create scoring opportunities and will run the triangle from time to time.  If they lead by two digits in the fourth, the triangle will be a staple.  Otherwise, Kobe will mostly be isolated – look for Odom or Pau to dive while Kobe penetrates though. Read More

Series Breakdown: Lakers vs Jazz

Both teams have established offensive systems. Both teams have veteran and excellent coaches. Both have inside-outside tandems – Kobe/Gasol and Williams/Boozer. This series will be decided on who defends better. Utah is a physical defensive team while L.A. is not as physical.

However, it seems L.A.’s defense have been improving during the Denver series. It’s interesting how Radmanovic has been utilized by Phil Jackson as a defensive presence to opposing teams’ offensive bigs. Read More