Lebron James to Miami Heat Fiasco

A lot of thoughts have been said about the Superfriends in Miami and it has gotten to a point where the topic has become either boring or pathetic or both.  Today, due to lack of any bit of significant NBA news, I decided to read this.  Yes, it’s yet another article about Lebron James joining the Miami Heat to form the dreaded “Superfriends”.

The article writer defends Lebron James’ decision to stop being-the-man-and-win-championships to just plain win-championships.  However, the article misses the whole point.   Read More

Jordan: Kobe is better than Lebron

“Who’s the best player between Kobe or Lebron? Kobe is.”, so says arguably the best player to ever play basketball.  Just to be sure, that player is Michael Jordan. Allegedly, this statement was made over the weekend.

Of course, I agree with Jordan, but did he say this because he felt threatened that Lebron will overtake his 6 titles?

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Lebron James wins 2009 Slam Dunk contest?

A Ball Don’t Lie post praises Lebron James’ dunks during the recent Cavaliers – Raptors game.

I know I am a Laker fan, thus, a Kobe fan but I have to say that Lebron James’ dunks are booooring.  I don’t care if he flies about a foot from the freethrow line, his dunks aren’t at all creative.

I don’t hate Lebron.  In fact, I like his game and his game attitude but he’s just not graceful.

For the record, I don’t find Kobe Bryant’s move that graceful, but it’s much more graceful than Lebron’s.  I only find two players with graceful moves – Michael Jordan and Julius Erving.


Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan

Welcome to another useless debate of Kobe vs. Jordan.

If I had to guess, I would guess that Jordan is better than Kobe.  I’m not a Jordan-lover.  I’m a Kobe fan but I think it’s because I’m primarily a Laker fan.  

Phil Jackson says that Michael Jordan has larger hands (and I think longer arms, too).  Michael Jordan is a natural basketball athlete, Kobe is not, in my opinion.  They have the same instincts, killer or otherwise. However, Kobe has, I think, the better practice discipline and that makes him an equal, if not a better, player than Jordan.

Remember that I said “I would guess Jordan is better than Kobe”.  Guess, because we really don’t know.  No, it’s not obvious.  They played in different eras, with different rules, and differently skilled opponents. Read More