Trevor Ariza’s Hard Foul on Rudy Fernandez

It was clear Trevor Ariza was going for the ball. Ariza is known for his defensive skills so his reputation backs up the fact that he was trying to swat the ball.

It was just unfortunate that, in the process, his hand got entangled with Rudy Fernandez, and Fernandez lost his balance, and landed in a very dangerous manner on the floor.

I feel for Pau Gasol. Ariza is his teammate and Fernandez his close friend. There were reports that Fernandez and Gasol spent the previous night together.  Read More

Lakers and the 2009 All-Star Break

The Los Angeles have 4 days off and I think they need it.  My long term concern is that they are trying really hard to gain home court advantage throughout the playoffs. they may be burnt out come playoff time.

I was expecting the Lakers to lose that one at Utah, just like I expected them to lose one against Charlotte.  Am I clairvoyant?  No.  I’m just your regular Laker fan pessimist.

Just kidding. Read More

The Memphis Curse

Sports writers failed to document the Memphis Curse that came with the Pau Gasol trade.  A creature told me that, as part of the deal, Andrew Bynum will injure one of his knees every year and it will happen during one of the games against the Memphis Grizzlies.

When the curse struck several hours ago, a collective cheer can be heard from the Massachusetts area.  Heck, a collective cheer can be heard from all of United States except Los Angeles.

Now, the Lakers are back to being mortals again.  So if you’re Phil Jackson, what will you do now? Read More

Here Comes the Jinx Again – Lakers favored to win it all

As usual, here comes the fearless forecasts (or jinx) that the experts have made. Not surprisingly, the Lakers are on top. Last season, Bill Simmons jinxed the Lakers (or reverse-jinxed the Celtics). This season, almost 50% of the experts are trying to jinx the Lakers.

My gut feeling is the Celtics will repeat. Read More

Gasol and Bynum: Please hurry back to Lakers

Nostalgia . . . who needs it?

Welcome to the thrilling days of yesteryear, last year to be exact, when the Lakers came down the stretch like a boulder rolling down a mountain.

Last spring at this time, they were giving new dimension to the phrase “dog days.” Kobe Bryant reportedly counted the teammates playing as if they cared and came up with something in the low single figures (one actually — Ronny Turiaf.) – LA Times