NBA Playoffs 2011: End of a Lakers Era

Well, that sucked.

The Lakers were unceremoniously swept by the team they owned for years, the Dallas Mavericks.  I guess Bill Simmons’ jinx ritual worked after all.  (Although, his beloved Boston Celtics were still booted out by the evil Miami Heat.)

On a side note, This Bill Simmons guy is an idiot for his subtle dig at Phil Jackson.  If you read that article, in general, it will look like he praises Phil Jackson.  But then, he makes a silent stab: Read More

The Memphis Curse

Sports writers failed to document the Memphis Curse that came with the Pau Gasol trade.  A creature told me that, as part of the deal, Andrew Bynum will injure one of his knees every year and it will happen during one of the games against the Memphis Grizzlies.

When the curse struck several hours ago, a collective cheer can be heard from the Massachusetts area.  Heck, a collective cheer can be heard from all of United States except Los Angeles.

Now, the Lakers are back to being mortals again.  So if you’re Phil Jackson, what will you do now? Read More

Phil Jackson’s Championship Strategy

I’m really disturbed by Phil Jackson’s strategy of trying to get the homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs.  It seems like he thinks homecourt advantage is the formula to a championship ring.

My fear is that his thinking will psyche the Lakers to try to win all regular season games instead of practicing how to win in the playoffs. I fear that there will be nothing left in the tank for the playoffs after the Lakers try very hard to secure homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs.

Phil Jackson has been in the finals quite a number of times already so he, of all people, should know that homecourt advantage is nothing to a seasoned team.  After all, you only need to win one on the road (in the playoffs) to regain homecourt advantage. Read More

Trade Lamar Odom?

Lamar Odom

Just when I thought the Laker season is starting off on the right foot, Lamar Odom is becoming this year’s Lakers’ annual challenge. I can’t blame the guy.  He’s in a contract season and suddenly he’s off the bench? Not a good way of boosting your stock, right?

No matter how they say it, NBA players will always play for the money… until they get old, that is, when they choose the strongest teams and play for a championship (and no one will want to pay them big bucks by that time anyway). Read More