NBA 2009 Playoffs: Lakers vs Nuggets

As of this writing, game one has already been decided but game one’s outcome has not changed my prediction.  Without further ado, here’s my pick – Nuggets in 6.

Why?  You only have to look at the Houston series to gauge where the Lakers are now.  It seems the Lakers aren’t even peaking.  On paper, they are the best.  They just don’t have the heart and the legs to be the best day in, day out.

Everybody’s saying they’re bored.  I don’t think they’re bored.  They’re just tired, nervous, broken, old and young.    I have observed. Pau is tired.  Kobe is tired.  Drew is nervous.  Lamar is broken.  Fish is old.  The rest of the team is young. Read More

NBA 2009 Playoffs: Lakers vs Rockets

First seed, Los Angeles Lakers, takes on fifth seed, Houston Rockets.

The Rockets are a a different animal.  They have 2-pronged defensive monsters in Ron Artest and Shane Battier.  And if you go past either of them?  You only have to get by 7-6 behemoth Yao Ming.

Tell that to Kobe Bryant.

Defensively, the Rockets are a beast.  They have two very well-known perimeter defenders and one legitimate shotblocker.  Don’t forget their scrapper, Luis Scola.  He’s an offensive rebounding demon.

The Lakers’ sleepwalking days are over.  They cannot afford to dilly dally with a defensive veteran team like the Houston Rockets. Read More

NBA 2009 Playoff Series Recap: Lakers vs Jazz

That almost was a sweep, wasn’t it?

The Los Angeles Lakers won the series 4- 1 and I’m happy about it.  I’m not estatic, but I’m happy.  As they say, a win is a win, no matter how ugly.

A lot of sports writers say that the Lakers were, sort of, sleepwalking through this series.  That they should’ve won game 3 and that they shouldn’t have blown 22-point leads.

My take is this: Utah’s rallies is a testament to their team’s resilience and not necessarily because of the Lakers‘ flaws.  This Utah Jazz has a legitimate leader in Deron Williams and you just don’t dismiss them like the Lakers should’ve blown this team away like peanuts. Read More