Farewell Mr. Turiaf

NBA Finals Game 6: Los Angeles Lakers v Boston Celtics

So it’s official – Ronnie Turiaf is now a Warrior. I think he deserves the contract.  He will have more playing time in Golden State and he’s a very energetic fellow, on and off the court.  He plays hard and is a good passer.

It’s just sad, you know.  He’s great in a Laker uniform.  I bet he’s a very good friend and teammate.  Unfortunately, the team is stacked now with bigs.  Bynum will be back and Mihm looks like is back.

So long, Ronnie.  Never forget that you have a Laker heart.  (And don’t join the bandwagon and bash Kobe, aight?)

Free Agency Expo

NBA 2009: Lakers Beat Jazz 113-100

A lot have happened in the past few days.  The Elton Brand coup.  The Baron Davis defection.  The unusual usual roster of the Wizards – Jamison and Arenas. Again? I think that combination (with Butler) has run its course.  But that’s just my dumb opinion.

The Brand / Davis event is understandable.  Brand wants to win and he knows he can’t win in the west.  Hehe, sorry Elton but your coach Mike Dunleavy tried to guess that one.  And Davis? Honestly, I knew he would bolt.  He was the franchise player and Nellie benched him in the last games while the Warriors were  catching the last playoff spot. Read More