Sasha Vujacic Official Site

I’ve been meaning to post about the existence of  Sasha’s site for the longest time.  I believe it was developed by Daniel of LA Ball Talk.

Hey Daniel, why won’t you link to my Laker blog?  Oh well, maybe he thinks my stuff aren’t good enough.

Anyways, I like the aesthetics of Sasha’s site.  It’s clean, just like the LA Ball Talk site.

‘Ey, Machine, give us some 3’s, will you?  It’s the playoffs, c’mon!

Will the Lakers make a trade?

I have a feeling that the Lakers will try to make a trade.  I feel they need a more consistent shooter (ala James Posey).  I feel Sasha Vujacic and Vladimir Radmanovic are inconsistent shooters.

And why is Vlade not playing the past two games?  Is Phil Jackson protecting him from possible injury knowing that a trade is in the works?  I understand that Vlade can’t start but not play him for two whole games? Something’s fishy here and I’m not even talking about Derek, yet.

Of the two, I think Vlade is the more tradeable player, if we set aside his salary for the moment. Read More

So, Sasha stays

NBA 2009: Lakers Beat Jazz 113-100

Sasha Vujacic is staying in the United States to the tune of $15 million for 3 years.

Honestly, I don’t know if that’s equal value but I know this – Sasha has the heart.  He’s not afraid to shoot it. He (just recently) mixes it up on defense. He also has improved his three-point shooting.

The way I see it is this. You don’t train a killer just to let him go away. You train, then, use him.

Hopefully, his experience in the Lakers’ deep playoff run (OK, finals) will only make him better. Phil Jackson always say Sasha is one of the best players in practice. I believe Phil – there are players like that. Last season, Sasha showed us he can play (although a bit erratic).

Shooting and defending can be taught and learned.  Having a heart? It’s innate. You can’t put a price on that.

Free Agency Expo

NBA 2009: Lakers Beat Jazz 113-100

A lot have happened in the past few days.  The Elton Brand coup.  The Baron Davis defection.  The unusual usual roster of the Wizards – Jamison and Arenas. Again? I think that combination (with Butler) has run its course.  But that’s just my dumb opinion.

The Brand / Davis event is understandable.  Brand wants to win and he knows he can’t win in the west.  Hehe, sorry Elton but your coach Mike Dunleavy tried to guess that one.  And Davis? Honestly, I knew he would bolt.  He was the franchise player and Nellie benched him in the last games while the Warriors were  catching the last playoff spot. Read More

Vujacic finds groove again

Sasha Vujacic was making three-point shots again after a rough outing Friday.

Or, in nickname parlance, the Machine was up and running after some maintenance.

Vujacic scored 20 points and made six of eight three-pointers Sunday against Washington, a welcome sight for him after making only five of 17 shots two days earlier against Memphis.

Vujacic also made two free throws with 10.2 seconds left in overtime to give the Lakers a 124-120 lead. – LA Times