Shannon Brown resigns with Lakers

Shannon Brown agreed to a two-year deal with the Lakers, with a player option for the second year, worth $4.2 million.  Allegedly, he got offered with a more lucrative contract from the Indiana Pacers but decided to stay with the Lakers.

Good choice Shannon.  You have a short contract.  You can work on your game in a year or two, and when you have vastly improved, that’s the time you expect the Lakers to offer you a bigger contract.  Wise man, unlike Trevor Ariza and David Lee (the agent). Read More

Lakers Trade Radmanovic for Morrison and Brown

The Lakers have traded Vladimir Radmanovic for Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown.  This obviously is a salary dump move.  Radmanovic is due around $6.5 million this year and next and has a player option.  This potentially saves the Lakers $13 million.

I understand the essence of the deal.  However, I’m wondering if there is a center or pure shooter out there that would have been available for a similar deal.  Having said that, I think Adam Morrison can be developed into a triangle offense player ala Luke Walton.

Morrison was a prolific scorer when he was in college so fundamentally, he can play, at least on offense.  Maybe a change of scenery and offense can bring out the best in him.  Plus, he has a weird moustache.  Somebody with a weird something could be hiding some form of intellect.  You know, it’s like Phil Jackson.  The Zen Master is weird and yet his methods are effective.

I don’t know.  I guess it’s just wishful thinking. Read More