Shaquille O’neal’s Cleveland team is the best (yet again)


I knew it!  I knew Shaq would say that Cleveland is the best team ever assembled.  Well, he didn’t exactly say it like that.  In fact, what he really said was:

It’s probably the best team I’ve ever played on, on paper anyway,” O’Neal said. “I’ve always been on management to get me the power forward I’ve needed and the shooters I’ve needed.”

I guess I’m the Big Prophet, huh?  No, as Shaq would like to say, it’s all marketing, baby! He always says something good about the team he was just traded to.  What surprises me though is that I haven’t heard him say something bad about the Suns yet.

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Shaq goes to Cleveland

Sports News - January 27, 2009

I can already hear Shaq‘s statements:

“The Cleveland Cavaliers is the best team ever assembled… after Phoenix, when I was still there.”

“Me and Lebron is the most devastating one-two punch ever!”

Lebron is the best player in the world right now.  I know I said earlier during the year that it was Kobe.  That was just marketing, baby!”

“The Phoenix Suns owner is not a real owner.  Steve Kerr is not a real GM, I am the GM.”

“The Lakers could’ve had me but they didn’t.  Now, let them taste my ass.”

(Insert a possible Shaq quote here…)

Shaq on Kobe

Here’s an interesting quote I got from Dex.  It’s about Shaq comparing himself to Kobe when he was nineteen.  I don’t know how old this quote is but it’s really telling.

“When I was was nineteen, I was talking to every girl. And when I got my first NBA money, I was buying the freshest Benz. I’m getting the rims, I got the system. I got the windows down, I got the gold chains, I’m back in the ‘hood letting the boys know I made it. … Kobe? Stays in the house and reads.”

Shaq Flops

Dig this – Shaq complains about flopping his whole NBA career and now he flops against Dwight Howard.

It’s like the changing of the guard.  You never see Shaq flop but he flops against Howard.  I see this as Howard being the stronger Superman.  Big mistake, Shaq.

I guess Stan Van Gundy still has bad feelings toward Shaq.  He made an effort to talk about Shaq’s flop.

On another note, Shaq claims he doesn’t want to talk about the Superman issue because we all know who the real Superman is.  That is the Superman with 4 or 5 rings, according to Shaq.  He doesn’t want to talk about it and yet he talks about it all the time. Read More