Shannon Brown resigns with Lakers

Shannon Brown agreed to a two-year deal with the Lakers, with a player option for the second year, worth $4.2 million.  Allegedly, he got offered with a more lucrative contract from the Indiana Pacers but decided to stay with the Lakers.

Good choice Shannon.  You have a short contract.  You can work on your game in a year or two, and when you have vastly improved, that’s the time you expect the Lakers to offer you a bigger contract.  Wise man, unlike Trevor Ariza and David Lee (the agent). Read More

Artest for Ariza, What’s going on?


RA for TA.  Ron Artest was virtually traded for Trevor Ariza.  What’s going on here???

It’s called “David Lee” (the agent, not the player).  I’m beginning to hate this agent.  I almost forgot how he handled Andrew Bynum‘s last contract negotiation with the Lakers.  I feel for Trevor.  Do you think he’s thinking of firing his agent later?

Here’s the story:   The Lakers were willing to pay the full MLE to Trevor Ariza up to five years, totalling  approximately $33.8 million.  The agent played hardball and asked for something in the $50 million range.  The Lakers told Lee to test the market first, obviously to see if that asking price is qualified.  Apparently, Lee was offended by this stance, looked somewhere else and found, surprise surprise, the Rockets with approximately the same MLE price!

How dumb is that?  Too bad Ariza had to play along.  David Lee played poker using Trevor Ariza‘s stock.  He bluffed and lost… lost Trevor’s luck playing for a great NBA franchise. Read More

Ron Artest to the Lakers, so long Trevor?

Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets NBA Game 7 Western Conference semifinals in Los Angeles

Ron Artest to the Lakers is not yet official but it looks like we’re just waiting for the formalities.

I don’t necessarily like this deal but this is a great pick up, knowing the Lakers could not afford Trevor Ariza.  Ariza is good and he probably deserves the $7 million to $8 million he was asking but in this Laker team where you have Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom, that price is a stretch.

It’s what they call “the business side of basketball”.  I hate it but that’s what it is.  Like I said, I like Trevor Ariza for the Lakers better than Ron Artest.

I’m not a cap or negotiation guru but my ideal deal for Trevor Ariza and the Lakers would’ve been the $5.6 million mid-level exception for Ariza for 2 or 3 years and then he can get his big payday after that when Lamar Odom has started to decline at 33 years old.  That is also assuming that Odom takes a 2 to 3 year contract himself. Read More

Trevor Ariza’s Hard Foul on Rudy Fernandez

It was clear Trevor Ariza was going for the ball. Ariza is known for his defensive skills so his reputation backs up the fact that he was trying to swat the ball.

It was just unfortunate that, in the process, his hand got entangled with Rudy Fernandez, and Fernandez lost his balance, and landed in a very dangerous manner on the floor.

I feel for Pau Gasol. Ariza is his teammate and Fernandez his close friend. There were reports that Fernandez and Gasol spent the previous night together.  Read More